Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Story of BIG WORDS, a Jazz trio from NYC

With the trio, playing jazz standards and originals, Josh began a quest to arrange the melodies of his songs between drums, piano and bass. Traditionally it is the piano that would play the melodies, but Josh wanted to finds ways of percussively arranging the compositions with an emphasis on the bass.

After playing a show at a college in Boston in the Fall of 2008, Josh was moved by the way the young crowd responded to the show. Familiar with playing shows in NYC, where the audiences tend to be older and have a kind of jazz elitist listening ear, a crowd that takes a lot to impress, Josh was excited to see an audience moving and dancing to his music

Fall 2008 Josh wanted to take a new turn with BIG WORDS. He started writing new music for the trio setting. As Josh was getting more confident with his electric bass playing, and he new his drummer can groove to rock and soul jams and his piano player started playing more keyboards, the switch from straight ahead jazz to a more exciting rock improvisational trio seemed like a natural transition. With influences from The Bad Plus and Medeski Martin & Wood, Josh took his new music and new direction for the band on the road in the Spring of 2009 playing to colleges around NY MA and CT.